Friday, August 1, 2008

Blog 2: Starting from Scratch

For 3 weeks now my head has been spinning. Yes, it's true, I'm currently unemployed. But that's just for the next 2 days. And the spinning head thing, that's a result of resigning from my current job, transitioning all my work over to 2 different people, preparing for my new job and leaving all my friends behind, all in the course of the last 3 weeks.

It all started about a month ago when I got a call, the fourth like it in the last year. "We want you to come in for an interview" said the warm voice on the other end of the phone. Not a problem, I kind of like interviews. I like being interviewed and I like doing the interviewing. The tension of everyone involved who has to make a decision whether or not a stranger can fit into a culture and do the work described based on 3 hours of talking, maneuvering and negotiating. You talk about skills. You talk about the type of work in very general terms. You talk about money. All very uncomfortable subjects yet one must look and sound comfortable talking about them.

I marketed Jeff and they bought it. They marketed themselves and I bought them. And now we have an agreement. The deal is I quit my job in 3 weeks and they give me 20% more than I'm making, improve my medical benefits and include me in their profit sharing program. The deal is done.

For the last 3 weeks my co-workers have been picking my brain all the while telling me how much they will miss me. And I knew it would be difficult to say goodbye. Hell, I've been working side by side, 40-50-60 hours a week with these people for 12 years. I spent more time at work during my son's first year than I did at home...and that was quite a strain on my wife. Some times I opened the empty building in the morning and locked it down in the evening after everyone had left. I spent a lot of time there, and worked my ass off in the process.

So today was my last day. I scheduled it for the 1st day of August because that would extend my benefits to the end of this month. A neat little trick someone told me. And I walked around the building, upstairs and downstairs, saying goodbye to all of my friends, and to some I don't particularly like, but always with a smile on my face.

I got one little creeper hugging Angela, and for good reason. Her office is next to mine. She's always been my "trouble" employee, putting more on my plate than taking from it. But that's okay because I know she's in over her head more often than not. And I'm guilty of being a hand-holding supervisor, but only with her because I think she deserves it. She's difficult, she frustrated me to no end, my boss got on me constantly to reign her in, but she's worth every aggravation because she has the most gentle and loving heart I've ever known. I worry about her future with a new boss who may discount that one angelic feature that makes you forget all her flaws. She always knew when I needed a smile, a hug or a stern talking to, and didn't hesitate to accommodate. Living up to her name, she's an Angel here on Earth and I will miss her dearly.

On to the future for me. The new job sounds interesting and I've got a little reading to do over the weekend to prepare myself. I got my future boss to send me some materials on the work I'll be doing and that should keep me busy until Sunday when I press my shirt with a little starch, iron my slacks, de-lint my jacket, examine my tie for food stains and polish my shoes. Monday is the big day. Wish me luck.


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